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Re: Seeking advice on SMALL midi pedal

I  like that one even better! It's like taking the MC-1, cutting it in 
and rejoining it...still the damn note send problem through.  Too bad there
isn't some small device that will convert program change numbers to note

Per, to your question on generating MIDI changes with the laptop, yes I
could do that too. A really simple and GUI to do that would be my desire.
I'd use my MIDI mate to get the changes to my VF1.


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I've had one of these for years, which I believe is the same as the
MC-1, just with a different layout which I find easier to integrate
into my stage layout:


Alas, it also does only program changes.


On 12/28/05, Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:
> On 28 dec 2005, at 21.57, Kris Hartung wrote:
> > ADA MC-1 MIDI pedal
> > http://www.adadepot.com/adagear/gearpages/pedals/ADA-MC-1.htm
> > What would it take to modify one of these to send notes?
> Have you looked into using a laptop to transform the MIDI messages?
> Since I incorporated Ableton Live into my looping rig I rarely
> program any gear at all - I simply press MIDI learn and step on it ;-)
> The ADA is looking very nice.  I would guess it is a little less
> heavy compared to a FCB1010 - correct?