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derek bailey, Xperimentus , zoom g2

thanks to all who sent posts on derek baileys passing. i remember reading a few interview w/ him and hearing henry kaiser always mention him. i knew of his playing mostly from a video and dvd i have of kaisers, where he would demo "the derek bailey style" (probably not a good description, but best i could do). i was curious about him, couldn't make up my mind on what discs of his to get, so i ended up buying this dvd concert he did at a small record store in NYC. its a short little piece, maybe 45 min (maybe shorter) at max and has intro of him walking in carrying his guitar. i think he does 3 short "pieces", all very interesting, just w/ an acoustic guitar (it might be slightly amplified, but mostly hear acoustic). after watching it, it made me realize that h kaiser had really studied him.  kind of interesting to see, and sadly i can't remember the name of the dvd....
right before xmas i received my copy of "Xperimentus"  from krispen, and can say its an interesting cd. nice to hear a range of folks who contributed from all over. hats off to krispen for all the work.
zoom g2-i got one for xmas (well i did ask for one), was curious about them, figured it was inexpensive, etc. the 1st day i played it, i thought it was amazing, day 2,3 i was less impressed, and debated sending it back, but then i started to analyze my critiques...i was mad that it didn't do some of the things a few of my other pedals do (mainly i like to modulate the time on my digitech rp100 from 2 secs to zero & back, etc)...but then i started to think, i'm going to stop whining about my gear and just see what it can do. it does 5 sec of delay at 100% very clean, has ping pong and tape simulation also. i haven't been as happy w/ the "clean" sounds as w/ my digitech, but it has some great "distorted" sounds (although to my sampled ear, the dual rectifier does not sound like the "classic sounds" of people i know that use that amp, but again, i'm going off sounds i've heard, and have never played one). it has a nice range of distortion pedals that are modelled, i won't say how close or not close, since i've not owned or played them, but they give a nice sonic range. the one thing that it does do well is that it's like a sound noise machine mangler like no other w/ all the options of effects.  and i think its funny b/c i figure this is marketed to kids who play guitar and dream of being like the heros they hear (like me back in the 80's) & think, will these kids like a ring modulator or the step effect or put the chorus/flanger all the way up to sound crazy? it a crazy sound machine. and the tap tempo for the delay is nice...
i will be getting a pedal to do some of the control functions etc, i think there is a delay /hold option w/ one of the pedals. so there you have it. for 99$ it has an adaptor, and lots of potential and 5 sec of delay. oh and there is 3 effects blocks of delay-a short one in the 2nd effects option (3 sec), a delay section that has 5 sec, and a tap delay option in the reverb section. set all 3 w/ short feedback, and it's delay city (more chaos than control, but fun!). so, i'm going to stop whining about my gear and just see what it can do, instead of complaining about what it can't do (hence the reason why i usually have 3 delay/loop options anyway when i play/record).
happy06, s---

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