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Re: Happy New Year

I hope everybody made it to 2006,i did indeed with a
slight hangover!
I wish everybody on this list a fanstastic new start!

--- Michael Plishka <mike@michaelplishka.com> wrote:

> Another year has come and gone.  There were painful
> moments and moments of
> glory, but most of the time we lived through normal
> everyday moments. Yet
> these moments are opportunities to experience the
> sacred and joyous and we
> shouldn't let them slip away. As we begin this New
> Year, my hope for you is
> that even if every one of your resolutions gets
> broken, that you be thankful
> for everything that made you what you are today,
> that you be aware of the
> joy and love abundant in the present,  and that you
> be free of worry and
> anxiety about the future.
> Happy New Year!
> ~peace~
> Plish
> www.michaelplishka.com
> "A heart in love with beauty never grows old."
>       -Turkish Proverb


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