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re: foot controllers

 >>>Maybe it would be worth to consider the Looperlative as something  
different than the EDP. I guess there is no need to replace the EDP.  
It seems a lot of you have two EDPs. Maybe replacing just one EDP  
with the Looperlative would open up complete new perspectives, as you  
can use both for different tasks...<<

The Looperlative is definitely very different from the Echoplex - I  
know that Bob certainly didn't set out to build some kind of stereo  
EDP replacement. I think it'll be a long time before you can do the  
kinds of things that Andre Lafosse does with an Echoplex on a  
Looperlative, if Bob even goes in that direction with the software  
writing. I've no idea whereabouts facilitating glitch-core comes on  
his list of software priorities.

I won't be getting rid of all my Echoplexes - I'll keep at least one  
as there are certain things that the Echoplex does that I doubt any  
other unit will ever do as well.

Maybe one day Gibson or someone else who licences the technology will  
get round to doing a proper stereo hi-res version of the EDP. It'd be  
great if they did.

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