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RE: digitech pmc-10

The one I used for awhile would add about a 100ms delay to note-on messages
(PMC-10 > EDP, nothing in between). Maybe it was unique to mine or mine was
goofy, but it got difficult compensating for the delay during a gig where I
wanted loops somewhat in sync with everything else. 

It always amazed me that people who make midi controllers didn't ever make 
more robust copy of a PMC-10...the closest we have today might be the
FCB1010 with the unofficial firmware, but it still isn't close. 
I mean, most controllers only will send limited CC messages over limited

Dave Eichenberger 

> At 01:29 PM 12/31/2005, Zoe Keating wrote:
> >That does look like the right size! Thanks Kim, I'll see if 
> I can get 
> >my hands on one.
> >
> >Just what I need...another piece of discontinued gear in my rig!
> yeah, for touring you may want to look for a second one as a 
> spare just in case. These guys are starting to get pretty old 
> now, since it is discontinued for quite a while. They are 
> harder to find in good condition. 
> And don't forget to backup your patches!
> By the way, does anybody know when the PMC-10 was first 
> produced and when it was discontinued?
> kim
> >On Dec 31, 2005, at 1:07 AM, Kim Flint wrote:
> >
> >>Digitech PMC-10
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