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Happy New Year

 We drove up yesterday morning from a New Years gig in Big Sur, on highway 
in driving wind and rain, very hairy, but the drive down New Years Eve was
luckily, during the lull between storms. Nancy and I played CDs from 
Hattori (thanks for that and the photos), Andy Butler, and Bernard Wagner,
and Ghost 7, to commemorate the lovely gig we had at the Henry Miller
Library, not to mention the great day we had with all of you. The music 
a perfect soundtrack for the dramatic weather and landscape. Missing was
music from Mando Man (Hideki Nakanishi),whoes CD I couldn't find. Mando Man
were are you?
 The gig itself was at the Eselan institute, and I managed to sneak in some
looping (on my newly modified DL4), on an otherwise conventional
RnB/Funk/Rock/Reggae gig. Actually, the singer loves it when I go
psychedelic, and take it out, I think it gives him a break from singing 
not to mention a chance to shake his groove thing...

Happy New Year

May it be more peaceful, more productive, and less catastrophic than the