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RE: digitech pmc-10

No, this was a PMC-10, which I owned for about 6 months...I had asked 
if anyone else had this problem, and replaced the battery, made sure it was
the upgraded firmware...quite honestly, it just could have been a bad unit.
When sending note-ons to a syth to trigger single notes it did the same.
Maybe it was just that particular unit? In any case, I sold it and went 
to the EDP footswitch. 
I'd like to give the PMC-10 another chance, but they are harder and harder
to find. 

Dave Eichenberger 

> At 04:15 PM 1/2/2006, hazard factor wrote:
> >The one I used for awhile would add about a 100ms delay to note-on 
> >messages (PMC-10 > EDP, nothing in between). Maybe it was unique to 
> >mine or mine was goofy, but it got difficult compensating 
> for the delay 
> >during a gig where I wanted loops somewhat in sync with 
> everything else.
> Are you talking about the similarly named Yamaha MFC-10 midi 
> pedal? That one is well known to have a latency like you 
> describe, rendering it fairly useless. But the Digitech 
> PMC-10 didn't have such a problem, at least not in my 
> experience. Andre LaFosse uses the digitech PMC-10 to do his 
> fast action looping, and I doubt he would be able to navigate 
> a 100ms latency and do all that crazy fast stuff!
> >It always amazed me that people who make midi controllers 
> didn't ever 
> >make a more robust copy of a PMC-10...the closest we have 
> today might 
> >be the FCB1010 with the unofficial firmware, but it still 
> isn't close.
> >I mean, most controllers only will send limited CC messages over 
> >limited channels.
> It is baffling. I think it would be so much simpler to design 
> a midi controller that can send any midi command. Most of 
> them assume their customers are morons, and therefore must be 
> saved from themselves. So they introduce all sorts of 
> limitations in order to "simplify" the user interface. In the 
> process they usually make it more confusing and harder to use.
> kim
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