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RE: Mics and FCB1010s

Your an evil man ;( that was my booboo). Sorry gang  dang computers.....

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I think I'm going to cry. ;)

Sorry... I couldn't help it.  Please forgive me.

--- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> Hey Rick,
> I went looking for my beta 57's and couldn't find
> them, Do you have them?
> Also I borrowed your FCB1010 to check out the EDP.
> No midi response what so
> ever. and the EDP is really acting weird sometimes
> remaining in a power up
> cycle,with the LCD cycleing "loop 4 and numerical
> jibberish" sometimes
> not,and I'm able to make it work from the front
> panel. did you take this to
> Europe? It seems like handling the thing will make
> it crash, weird. Has it
> taken any hard hits? The front panel power switch
> seems funky and the
> voltage selector on the back seems sloppy, did you
> use the 220 voltage
> selector when in Europe? I'm sending it off to BAS
> in Illinois where I
> believe it has been before? Maybe the loop IV
> upgrade is corrupted.
> Love
> Bill

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