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Re: Guidance In Buying First Loop Machine

I'm not aware of any device that meets all those criteria for around
$600.  Which of the features  (stereo, delay time, reverse, save loop
functions, pricepoint) might you be willing to move on?  The closest
hardware solution is, I believe, the Repeater, but it's out of
production and usually goes for more than $600 at this point.  The
Repeater II is vaporware at this point.


On 1/3/06, Bill Campbell <grassysound@comcast.net> wrote:
> Hello there!  This is my first posting, though I've long been a frequent
> visitor to Looper's Delight.  I'm interested in purchasing a looper, as 
> a guitarist looking to build soundscapes via volume swells, stereo 
> etc.  I'm looking to spend around $600.  I'd like a device that allows 
> the following:
> 1-STEREO loops.  This is crucial.  I'm not remotely interested in a 
> that plays back loops in mono
> 2-Reverse capability.  Though not essential, I'd like a device that 
> for loops to be played in reverse.
> 3-Loop time.  This is more of a query than anything else.  I see some
> machines that seem to have good qualities, yet only 15-30 seconds of time
> per loop.  On the surface, this seems a bit short.  Is there anything on 
> market that allows for more time without much degradation in the original
> signal?
> 4-Ability to save loops.
> A friend has the DigiTech JamMan, which has many of the features I'm
> interested in, with one major drawback: no stereo loops!  With these
> thoughts in mind (which are admittedly a bit cluttered), what devices 
> you recommend?  Many many thanks in advance, fellow loopers!!
> Bill