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Re: Frisell live gig...

Thanks for the link to recording of the show, Steve.  Too bad I'm unable to get it to play or save it on my 'puter.  Anybody else having the same problem?
I'm a pretty big fan of Bill and I've seen him four times (and had a chance to talk to him after one) and he's pretty mellow and unassuming.
But his music is absolutely great - sometimes I think he musically repeats himself but since it's great playing to begin with, then I'm not going to complain about it.
ted harms.

mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:

> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/jazzfest2005/frisell.shtml - a real audio
> feed of a frisell live gig from the London Jazz Festival, with
> shitloads of excellent loopage. not sure what he's using for the
> stereo ping pong loop thing he does in the middle...
> enjoy!
> Steve

When he played here in Champaign, IL USA several months ago for the
Wall to Wall Guitar Festival, he was using a Digitech (or was it DOD?)
8-second delay and a Tube Screamer, among a lot of other stuff I didn't
see. He had the 8-second delay on a barstool and was hitting it
constantly through the whole gig to make short recordings. Great show.
In the middle of the set the battery ran down in his Tube Screamer
and it started making hissing sounds. He handled it in a very
cool way. "I have to stop for a moment because one of my batteries
died, I'm sorry.." He changed it and then WITHOUT the Tube Screamer
on, said "Can you hear the difference?"

Mark Smart

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