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Re[2]: AW: Need advice for costumizable GUI monitoring software

PB> On 5 jan 2006, at 23.12, Art Simon wrote:

>> Bidule maybe? At least it's Mac and Windows. You have to pay $75 to
>> get the VST version.

PB> Thanks! I already own Bidule, but the question is "Can it create  
PB> graphic indicators for monitoring MIDI throughput"?
PB> (I'm not terrorizing the list, only hoping that someone out there  
PB> have already tried what I'm up to... an "experienced advice" would  
PB> save me a lot of time)

do you only want to see if there is MIDI activity or also what kind of
MIDI activity?
What kind of throughput do yo mean from which port to which port?

Matthias (L)