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Re: LWL (looping with laptops) - MIDI-programmable drum sequencer

On 7 jan 2006, at 18.46, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

> Now I would be looking for something like a MIDI-controllable drum  
> pattern sequencer as a VST (or Live! plugin).

iDrum is good and not very expensive if you have a OS X Mac. It's  
basically a pattern/song sequencer with built-in drum sample player.  
A more advanced thing, of the same kind but far more advanced  
regarding experimental options, is GURU (Wind and Mac). Both iDrum  
and GURU has a built in "groove feel modulator" inspired by the  
legendary MPC-60. While these two can run their own sequnces,  
organized in "pattens" and "songs" the Stylus RMX also have a unique  
sound but now built in sequencer. You have to drive RMX with MIDI  
sequences (which is also possible with iDrum and GURU). RMX has some  
interesting random scriptiing and effect processing options.

Ableton Live already has a good Drum Sample Player built into the  
software: Impulse. MIDI sequences to drive the drum kits has to be  
dropped into Live slots on a track that is set to feed the Impulse.

I can't answer for external MIDI editing options as you're requests  
are not very detailed. You will have to go to each products manual to  
check out if it will let you do what you have in mind. As far as  
changing patterns on the fly I'm sure four will let you do that. Go  
to the manufacturers web pages and watch the movies. At least  
Spectrasonics and FXpansion has excellent demo and tutorial videos.  
These apps all have their own unique sound - even the cheap iDrum -  
so it's hard to recommend anything unheard.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)