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Re: LWL (looping with laptops) - MIDI-programmable drum sequencer

On 7 jan 2006, at 19.48, Gary Lehmann wrote:

> Can the sequences for Impulse be recorded and looped live, or must  
> you use
> prerecorded sequences?
> Gary

In Live most functions can be mapped to MIDI cc data (or MIDI note  
data). You may use a wheel to scroll to the track armed with a  
certain drum kit (Impulse) and then push a button to start recording  
incoming MIDI. Live can be set, by default, to start looping as soon  
as you have played in (recorded) a MIDI sequence. MIDI and Audi clips  
are managed pretty much the same way.

Commands can be mapped to external MIDI as well as to computer keys.  
So the hardest task with Live is not to "program" it for your live  
performance, it is to remember where the hell you mapped all those  
commands to ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

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