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Re: OT (sorta): Putting out your CD

In a message dated 1/7/06 10:37:01 AM, wsirota@wsdesigns.com writes:

Warren said:

There are so many services like CDBaby, CNET Music Downloads, and probably
hundreds or thousands of others. When you are ready to put out a CD, what do
you do with it? Has anything really been helpful in sales or exposure?

I have my CD up at several places. But the one with the most sales (and the one
that gives the best "foot in the door" to other distribution opportunities) has
been CD Baby. Owner, Derek Sivers is a great guy and offers a terrific service.
I'm sure there are other outfits out there operating along a similar sort of model.
But I (and quite a few other LDers) have had pretty good luck with the Baby.
They are bases in Portland, Oregon too.

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tEd kiLLiAn

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