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RE: OT (sorta): Putting out your CD

Started out on earbuzz, went to cdstreet, then cdbaby.  CDBaby is way more
connected.  sold a fair share on earbuzz but they kept changing what they
took from the musicians.  They started out free and then kept charging....

I sold a fair share using paypal as well as through accepting personal

All in all, it comes down to you driving people to your website, and 
at shows, etc.  They only provide the forum; you need to provide the elbow
grease and the hard work of getting people to see your website and listen 
your music.



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I'm sold on CD Baby too, but the other day I just got an email from eBuzz,
wanting me to sell my CD Xperimentus on their site. They use data from
Electronic Musician to show that they have better sales than CD Baby and
Amazon Advantage.

Here is their comparison chart: http://www.earbuzz.com/compare.lasso

Anyone using them?


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Subject: OT (sorta): Putting out your CD

> There are so many services like CDBaby, CNET Music Downloads, and 
> hundreds or thousands of others. When you are ready to put out a CD, what
> do
> you do with it? Has anything really been helpful in sales or exposure?
> Warren