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Re: AW: Need advice for costumizable GUI monitoring software


Learning MaxMSP  is a wonderful thing, and I myself have gotten both
addicted and taxed when doing it by myself.  One can do it with the
accompanying tutorials, and my humble estimation is that it wouldn't take
someone like you very long to find the salient things you need.

That said, if there is one program we have which allows all us
'non-programmers' to do almost anything routing wise that we need to do.
That's the program.

What stefan offered to do is write a small patch which would execute what
you need and send it to you in MaxRuntime format which means it would run 
a free version of the kernel of MaxMSP, which would actually be included in
the patch he would write, if I'm not mistaken.   Cycling 74 includes the
ability to essentially compile a program which will run anywhere. It can't
be edited from a programming perspective, but can include all the pull down
menus necessary to change parameters of course.

I have people write stuff in maxMSP all the time to solve issues I can't
solve with live or any other program.  Of course, people write big patches
for compositions as well.

One particular situation to share:  a guy wrote me a piece in live which 
me using 3 entire banks of the 1010 to get through it, with each pedal
extensively programmed.  So, we eventually made a max patch which handled
all of the internal changes and I used the 1010 to increment through
step-changes and even the expression pedals then changed their meaning, and
I continued to use my usual control change based settings on the pedal
itself, without altering a thing.

I hope this is a contribution.  MaxMSP can run quietly in the background 
do so many things to help.

On 1/8/06 9:03 AM, "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se> wrote:

>> Per Boysen wrote:
>>> Thanks! I already own Bidule, but the question is "Can it create
>>> graphic indicators for monitoring MIDI throughput"?
>>> (I'm not terrorizing the list, only hoping that someone out there
>>> have already tried what I'm up to... an "experienced advice"
>>> would  save me a lot of time)
> On 7 jan 2006, at 23.02, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
>> Beside the possibility to ditch Live (instead of the Mac;-)
> I'm not ditching anything. I personally enjoy using both OS X and XP.
> Both systems are also needed for what I do for a living so nothing
> forces me to "switch" either way.
>> and using Max/MSP for everything,
> Yes, that's a tempting option. I understand you are very experienced
> with Max/MSP, but doesn't it take an awful lot of time to learn the
> beast? I've kept the max manual and tutorials on my powerbook for
> about two years, but what's keeping me from starting the migration
> process to Max is time. Projects and deadlines are coming up all the
> time and there's not much time for "non productive" learning periods.
> Besides, today I'm getting the impression that before I would have
> learned to mock things up the way I want in Max the same, but faster,
> tools would be available by Numerology and Apple or XP/Möbius+  Am I
> totally off focus here?
>> you could also use MaxPlay. Just tell me what you need, I'd be able
>> to program it in Max within half an hour...
> What is MaxPlay? I scanned Cycling75's web but couldn't find a clue.
> (OT:)
> A web search gave:
> - "MaXplay Toys for the Garden, The best for your child in outdoor
> play".
> - "MaxPlay Classic Games Volume 1"
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