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I'm not sure about anyone else, but most of my potential buyers/listeners here locally fall into three categories, which sheds light very clearly and pragmatically on the CD sales issue here and for me and them: 1) They play music for a living and can't afford to buy CDs, 2) they have families and can't afford or justify spending money on CDs, and 3) they like my music and enjoy watching me perform, but avant-garde music is not on the top of their list of the type of music they typically buy.
These are real issues for these people. 1) doesn't apply to me, but I can empathize with 2) and 3). Since I had children, a lot of other costs have popped up that I would have traditionally dumped into more luxury items, costs such as a collage fund for the kids (which will be in the thousands by the time they are of age), additional insurance and medical costs, children's books and educational materials, etc, etc...the list goes on and on when you put your kids first. And there are many types of music that I like, but not enough that I'll buy or can justify buying a CD. It all makes sense, which puts me into category 3) as well. This is  not a complicated explanation.
I do what I can. Sure, I can afford to buy as many CDs as I like, but I would have to justify this given other priories that I have. Everything as trade-offs.  I have quite a few CDs from folks on this list, from Rick W., Bernhard W., Andy B., Scott D., Michael P., David K., and so on. I bought some, but most of them were trades or give-aways.  There are still many CDs from those on this list that I want to buy, and those are amongst a wishlist that I have of about 20 other CDs and DVDs.  So for me, it's not about whether I want to support my fellow loopers. It's about trade-offs and return on investment. I typically listen to a CD once or twice, and that's it. It become reference.
Now I'm seriously considering setting up a PayPal method for people to buy my CDs in MP3 format, even though CD Baby does this for me via other services. I have not problem selling one of my CDs in MP3 format for $5. If that makes a difference in whether someone can buy or enjoy my music, it's a fair tradeoff for me. And if that wasn't possible, I'd still give-away my MP3s, which I do for 4 out of 5 of my CDs now, if not doing so meant that someone couldn't enjoy my music.