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Re: Soft Rack Cases?

On Jan 8, 2006, at 9:42, Kris Hartung wrote:
> Yep, those Boogies go for about $149 for the three space...quite a  
> bit more. I'll vouch for their quality, because I've owned both 20  
> space and a 6 space shockmount Boogie racks. They are outstanding,  
> but probably overkill for what I want here. I just want a basic  
> lightweight rack for local gigs, just to carry my recording system  
> around over my shoulder. I may just go with the Protec, unless  
> someone else knows of another cost effective option.

I got this:


$60 for 3-space and it does have rails.

- The outer covering is such that the rear does not completely open,  
which can make it a bit annoying to deal with cabling (or worse,  
impossible if a unit is almost as deep as the rack).
- The front panel zips open and does completely expose the front  
panels of your gear, but does not detach so it may get in the way...

I thought I was going to leave my audio interface in it all the time  
and be able to tote it around, but in the home studio, those two  
factors combine to make the soft rack a hassle. I might replace it  
with a lightweight SKB.


Doug Wyatt
http://www.dougwyatt.net/  <-- music
http://www.sonosphere.com/Doug/ <-- etc.