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Re: 639 Year Long Concert - Cage Composition - "ASLSP"

I get it....I just don't think it's very original or inspiring. That's my 
opinion. Everything you said below...I understood it. It's a basic 
implication of doing a piece like that. I don' think it would be that hard 
actually, at least not releative to other complex programs.....mabe hard 
someone how has never managed a program, but easy for someone who is a 
professional at it and does it for a living.


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On 1/8/06, Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> Are you saying that I don't get it? I play experimental music too and 
> a
> very open mind (heck, check out my Project MRI in the CT Collective). One
> can get yet, yet still call bullshit on the significance or novelty of a
> work. That's my subjective right as an artist and free thinker.

You can have an open mind and still not get it!

Point is -- I'll bet it sounds good.  I like sustained organ tones.
And I'll bet it makes you think.

Contemplate how hard it would be to actually arrange for a piece to be
played for 600 years -- the level of organization, of trust in the
next geneation -- what it would sound like -- how relaxing it would be
to be in the audience and know that the next note is not due for days
or weeks -- to know that you are not required to come in at the start
nor stay till the end.

This is a piece that makes every other piece ever seem rushed.  Hard to