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Re[4]: foot (cont) roller

PB> Another nice controller would be to put down your foot on a foot  
PB> shaped plate and twist it. Not for "endless" controller  
PB> functionality, but as a standing musician I would like that much  
PB> better than the usual up/down pedal.
good idea, if I understand what you mean. I think the plate could be
smaller then the foot (for travelling reasons).

PB> I would be interested in buying one, if the price doesn't run up too
PB> far (I'm not particularly wealthy). I would like to also have one,  
PB> two or three step-down buttons in front of the roller ("on/off" type  
PB> that can be set to CC's momentary, MIDI note alternating or MIDI note  
PB> momentary).

The friend of mine whom I asked is particularily skilled in mechanical
solutions so I will tell him about the "twister" plate. I'm sure it will
take a while to have something finished and we should talk about
prices later. I just hope to get it going.

Matthias (L)