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Get alot of sleep, you're going to be needing it. Infants always seem to have their own self-centered agenda and constantly seem to be acting.....well......infantile. Blessings upon yourself and your wife and your  endeavour and advanced congratulations.

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From: mark francombe
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whats all this then... ?
thought you were all artistes!! Not money grabbing leaches!!!!

 Well Ive done it both ways, the profesh way, with a record company, singles photo shoots interviews videos on mtv etc.... and the home grown CDR website sell a few out at gigs way, and you know what? I sold more records the profesh way, and ended up with a massive tax bill, and a nervous breakdown, and the other way I well didnt really sell any, not really...
so wanna guess what I do now?
Yep... a CDR is almost free to me so... if someone says I like your stuff, I say.... here ya go then!!! Actually Ive taken this quite far, now I dont leave flyers on tables in cafes and bars, I leave CD's... they have a simple sticker which says, This cd was left here on purpose, please take it... listen to it, and if you like it... keep it, if you dont like it, please leave it somewhere else. Thank you... I've left them in railway stations and churches, cafes, bars, I've even left them in Record Shops, sometimes slipping them in next to the Cranes Records (my old profesh band) sometimes asking to put them on the counter... Here in Norway we have a chain of Record Shops called "Free Record Shop"... I left some marked "Free Record" in there... ha ha ha... of course i make sure the website address is on there and you know what??? I've had more people come to my website and BUY records using this method than by ANYTHING ELSE EVER!!!
love mark...
PS: Im off to bed, in the morning Im off to the hospital with my better half to induce my firstborn son...at the ripe old age of 42 I'm finally gonna be a Dad!!! Anyone like the name Nikolas??? still thinking... anyway wish me luck!
mark francombe
marks website is at www.markfrancombe.com he writes for www.furthernoise.org and works at www.transformlearning.com

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