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Joe Rut wrote:
"I'm usually pretty pessimistic about geting my stuff out there, and

have to keep reminding myself that "failures" are simply part of the 
overall strategy leading to successes. 

If you send your info to 10 "places and 9 of them have no effect, but 1 
of them does, that is a success!

Yeah,  I'm right with you on that Joe.  I have to remind myself that 
even a well thought out cynical approach has to be constantly updated,  
merely because there is a danger in viewing the world in an unexamined way.

I've been cynical as hell about the local music scene in Santa Cruz and 
suddenly, we got the City Council to pass an ordinance that lifted all 
entertainment fees from any venue that has less than 100 people at a 
musical performance.

Suddenly,  it now becomes us as artists to start getting out there and 
trying to gig again.

Also,  I think the Beatles were passed up by at least a dozen record 
companies before one bought them.   Imagine if they had given up after 
ten rejections?