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List mail filtering ( was: question for KIM

> sarth wrote:
>> I would agree with you if not for the fact that outlook on my new  
>> machine
>> has decided my "move to" filter really means "copy to and mark as  
>> read" so I
>> now get LD emails in my LD folder (marked unread) AND in my inbox  
>> (marked as
>> read).
>> I hate Microsoft.

> On 10 jan 2006, at 12.24, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

> Thats very easy to solve: change the program, only benefits, now  
> drawbacks. Much safer, and all you'd ever need. (I use thunderbird,  
> it imports everything from outlook)

Sarth maybe meant Outlook Express? Although I have not been using  
Outlook now for two years I think it has some advantages over the  
free version, Express, that comes bundled with Windows.

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