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Re: crappy music of the masses

Uh, that's white land owning males.

--- Sean Echevarria <sean.loop@creepingfog.com> wrote:

> Oh yeah - the good old days.  Interesting note about
> chicks.  I thought the 
> good old days only existed for white males.
> At 2006.01.11 03:22 PM, Paul wrote:
> >You must be a young dude. I can remember when it
> was safe to hitchhike 
> >most anywhere. I can remember when chicks didn't
> have any qualms about 
> >getting in a stranger's car (and I'm not talking
> about hookers as is 
> >probably you're normal dating scheme). The violent
> scene in the US didn't 
> >always exist, dude.

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