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Re: crappy music of the masses

Ironically, the "all encompassing mass media" is responsible for your 
sense that US society is significantly more violent now than in some 
mythical good 'ol 
days.  The tabloidization of the news media and the focus on horrible 
crimes as the main stories of the day creates an impression that these 
horrible crimes 
are happening by the thousands, when in fact they are not the norm.  There 
existed then and there exist now many places in the US where I would feel 
commfortable hitch-hiking, and many place where you could not PAY me to 

Violence in the US (and the world) DID always exist. While crime and 
violence rates ebb and flow, changes in the reporting style of the media 
(what those in 
power decide is newsworthy) have drastically changed peoples perceptions 
of how safe they are, regardless of what the current statistics might tell 

Joe Rut
Paul Richard Wrote:
> It happened before rap music. But did the violent society that 
> exists in the US occur before mass media became all encompassing?
> You must be a young dude. I can remember when it was safe to 
> hitchhike most anywhere. I can remember when chicks didn't have any 
> qualms about getting in a stranger's car (and I'm not talking about 
> hookers as is probably you're normal dating scheme). The violent 
> scene in the US didn't always exist, dude.


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