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Re: Zoom G2

In the common parlance - IT ROCKS

I think there may be a tendancy to underestimate its quality because it's 
damn cheap. I even considered having 2 at one point and dividing my guitar 
, (i need 2 indepenant delays with individual feedback for my stuff).  If 
had more than 5 secs I probably would have but again, I have specific time 
delays in time because of the way i work - hmm, what about 4!!


> i've been browsing the g2 pdf manual. am i right in thinking there are 
> actually 3 independent delays in this unit that could be used 
> simultaneously? a tape delay in the mod/sfx module, the delay module, 
> a multi-tap in the reverb module. there seems to be a lot of praise for 
> the g2 on harmony central regarding other features, but nothing's been 
> said about the delay/looping capabilities, apart from the brief blurb on 
> ld recently. quite a bargain for $100 it appears - intelligent 
> pitch-shifting, quiet, fast patch changes, assignable foot switch/exp 
> pedal. people say they even like the distortions and amp simulations. 
> guy said it even sounded better after he dropped it from his 41st floor 
> balcony...i love it when people say stuff like that. makes me want to 
> comic books all day, eat fatty pastries, and race trains. nowaddameen?
> shayne