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Re: 2nd EDP+ for stereo

I use two EDPs in true stereo. We've had this discussion before on the 
and playing in stereo is less important to some than others, but for me it 
is essential to my "current" sound, given all the stereo imaging I use 
my laptop VST effects. I'm also an addict of lush stereo chorus and stereo 
delay where the left side is lightly longer than the right.

In any event, I have had no troubles with my setup, except initially when 
trying to figure out how to get the two EDPs to sync up and prevent signal 
drift. When you get to that point, send me an email and I'll send you the 
list of parameters.

I run from my into my Boss VF1 from my guitar, out of the VF1 in stereo, 
into my laptop in stereo, out of the laptop in stereo, into my Mackie 
board (two channels panned left and right), and then I run out of the 
mixer's BUSS 1 into the input of one EDP, and out of BUSS 2 into the input 
of the other EDP....then out of the two EDPs into two channels of the 
panned left and right. This way, when multiple people or instruments are 
plugged into my board, I can simply press the buss 1/2 button on their 
channel and loop them in my mix. I run an Lexicon LXP1 in my mixer's AUX 1 
channel, and back into a stereo channel of the board for a nice reverb on 

I think the results are especially noticeable and fun when you are 
off the board....then the stereo imaging really pops out, if you are using 
effects that to tricks in stereo.


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Subject: 2nd EDP+ for stereo

> Hi all,  I currently take the output from my lone EDP+ and send it 
> an Alesis Microverb III to get some pseudo-stereo separation.  I'm 
> considering adding a 2nd EDP+ so I can process my loops in true stereo.  
> was wondering if any players who have taken this step can comment on 
> experience of using a 2 EDP+ stereo system?  Did it really make a 
> difference in your playing fun?  Any technical problems?   etc...
> Dennis