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Re: new EH products

Forgot the HOG

"The HOG Guitar Synth basically has 4 octaves up and 2 octaves down. It 
features a filter with cutoff frequency and resonance control, an 
attack/decay control, glissando, memory to save 6 presets setups with an 
optional foot controller.
The Hog will do p°yphonic whammy type effects with an optional expression 
The HOG is in the same size box as the Flanger Hoax, 6 X 9 1/4."

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From: "Nick Schillace" <americansketch@gmail.com>
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Sent: Friday, January 13, 2006 7:05 PM
Subject: new EH products

i just resubscribed after a bit of time away from the list so if this
topic went around i'm sorry.

I got a new wholesale catalog from New Sensor/Electro Harmonix and
noticed that there is a couple of new products coming out in
Feb/March. Something called the 2880 Super Multi-Tracker Looper and a
HOG Guitar Synth.Both with optional footswitches.

Does anyone have any info about these?

thanks. it's good to be back.

Nick Schillace