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Re: EDP, Live, FCB1010 Question.

On 13 jan 2006, at 21.09, Bill Edmondson wrote:

> This is correct. The fcb1010 can transmit midi messages on 5  
> separate midi
> channels with one button press.

You're right about the MIDI channels, but regarding type of MIDI  
messages the FCB is not very adaptable.

> So you can set edp1 to channel 1, edp2 to
> channel 2 and live to respond to midi channel 3.

One limitation with the FCB is that it can only send MIDI notes over  
one, globally specified, MIDI channel. You can not use a different  
channel for MIDI notes in another preset or bank. This may make it  
more convenient to set both EDPs to the same MIDI channel but use the  
Note number offset on one EDP to have it listen at another note  
number range.

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