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Re: Article in the Boise Weekly

Very nice, Charles. Thanks for adding your piece of the musical pie to the 
Boise music scene!  You didn't have to promote Xperimentus...just 
on the article is nice enough. So you get a bonus. :)

I believe Ryan plans to write a Part II of that article in the future, 
dives into more details of the looping phenomenon. I look forward to that.



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Subject: Article in the Boise Weekly

> OK, Kris.  Just this once, we'll pitch in and help promote your new 
> Seriously, the Boise Weekly article was well written and quite accurate 
> too. He refers to you as a "looping master", right on.  It wasn't hard 
> whip up the following comment, which I posted today. - CW
> Dear Ryan:  I enjoyed your Dec 17 article, In the Loop.  Sorry it took 
> long to comment, the last month has been hectic.  As it happens, I'm a 
> fan of this kind of music.  Your analysis is right on the mark, esp. 
> concerning the equipment and methods live loopers use to create these 
> unique sounds.  These are new techniques that were not nearly as 
> widespread even 10 years ago.
> Looping is being applied to a variety of musical styles.  You mentioned 
> Chemical Bros and Boards of Canada, both of whom are deep into looping 
> techniques.  In fact, most techno musicians use looping to create their 
> characteristic repetitive sound.  Other practitioners are into 
> experimental jazz, ambient and so called industrial music.  The some 
> loopers use melodic instruments like guitar and keyboard, others rely 
> heavily on samples and synthesizers.  My own favs include The Crystal 
> Method and Boise "looping master" Kris Hartung.  I've been meaning to 
> order Kris' new album, Xperimentus.  I also hope to catch his live act 
> one of the looping festivals held around the globe every year.  - 
> Winters, Seattle
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>> Oh, it would be hilarious if you guys went to that article below and 
>> submitted some comments. You would be the first international musicians 
>> to comment on the Boise looping music scene!  The editor would get a 
>> out of it, especially since I'm trying to get her to review Xperimentus.
>> Kris
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>>> snip