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Re: Gotta share this lucky recording :-)))


i love it too!! that pristine telecaster sound!! It's so clear.

It was just the guitar through möbius?

A real beauty.

Thanks for sharing.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mensaje citado por Per Boysen <per@boysen.se>:

> I really love the vibe that somehow poured into this Telecaster/
> Mobius improvisation:
> http://www.looproom.com/audio/mobjam2.mp3
> When I was going to turn off the laptop I listened back to the three
> Möbius tracks still looping and realized that "Hey, this is nice and
> would be cool to keep". So I pushed that "Record Audio" button and
> had a go at the three faders. When I heard the Telecaster guitar
> sound looping back in HalfSpeed I almost thought it was a grand piano
> in there! I guess it wouldn't have come out half that good (to my
> taste) with a Strat or a Gibson? Anyway, I hope that someone finds
> this short piece inspiring :-)
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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