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Kris Hartung wrote:

> How about how to get on radio stations. I think I spent a whole 
> weekend a year ago sending out press packs to about 20 radio stations. 
> It probably worked on two of them...not much return on investment, and 
> I'm reluctant to try it again. 

Hi Kris,

I'm sorry for your less than satisfactory experience at sending out 
promos.  Perhaps this will help.  As a radio show host of three 
programs, I'd like to tackle that one.

Please view my tips page at <http://wdiy.org/programs/gt/tips.html>.  
The Indie Bible refers to this page since it's applicable across all 
music genres.  Believe it or not, everything on that page is secondary 
to this:

Do your homework.  Don't send a CD anywhere just because it's a radio 
station or DJ.  Make PERSONAL CONTACT first and TALK to people.  Find out:
* Is your style of music is played?
* What is the policy and proper procedure for submitting music?
* Do they accept music from unsigned artists?

It might seem like common sense and I shouldn't have to say this, but 
experience tells me that I can't say this enough times or with enough 
MUSIC PLAYED BY A STATION OR DJ.  I can't tell you how much music is 
sent to me in hopes of airplay that just doesn't fall anywhere close to 
the music genres I play.  As a result, I started a second and third 
program in 2002 to allow me to play a little bit of this out-of-genre 
music I received.  However, most DJs won't do this.  Your resources will 
be wasted if YOU don't place your music properly.  Sending thrash or rap 
music to a host of an ambient program makes NO SENSE but it happens 
almost too regularly!!!

For me, I try to get artists to contact me BEFORE they send anything so 
I can send them a form letter, included below.  I think that you'll find 
it enlightening.  Most artists are so sharply focused on making music 
that they have no idea about the BUSINESS part of music.  BTW, it's the 
music BUSINESS, not the MUSIC business.  Sad, but true.  My form letter 
is an attempt to convey some of my realities to artists to try and avoid 
them wasting their resources on me if I can't help them.

BTW, since looping is not a genre of music, please don't assume that you 
can get airplay on my programs.  But I have and do play music from list 
members because some of it is appropriate to my shows.  That's where the 
advice "Do your homework" pays off.



All submissions are welcomed and will be seriously considered for 
inclusion on future shows.   Nothing can be returned. Due to the large 
volume of materials received, confirmation of receipt of materials and 
confirmation of airplay cannot be made.   I also cannot provide comments 
or an analysis of your music.  Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in 
the day for me to listen to everybody's mp3 files.  I already have 
stacks of CDs waiting to be heard.  You'll have to decide for yourself 
if your music fits the format of any of my shows.  These are the cruel 
realities I've had to face.

To learn if your submission has been aired, you should periodically 
check the Playlists or request to have them emailed to you if you don't 
already see them on one of the mailing lists where I post such things.

Remember, BEFORE YOU SEND ANYTHING, please examine my playlists to see 
what I tend to play.   I don't want you to waste your precious 
resources, so please don't send something that I don't play (thrash, 
rap, or dance music, for example).   ALWAYS match what you send to a 
show's format or ethos.

Send your package to WDIY and/or WMUH and/or me.  Please be sure to tell 
me which address you use.  Anything sent to a station will go into that 
station's library for use only at that station.  You must tell me if you 
send to a station so I know where to look for your package.  Anything 
sent to me will go into my personal library for use only on my 
appropriate shows at either station.  Your best bet to get on the air 
the fastest is to send your CDs directly to me.  They get into my hands 
*MUCH* faster and it gives me plenty of time to preview your music.

Bill Fox
P.O. Box 632
Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064-0632
301 Broadway
Bethlehem PA 18015
Box 2806
Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA 18104

Please be aware that CD and CD-R in regular sized jewel cases are 
considered to be the most radio-friendly formats at this time.   CD 
players are much easier to use than any other format.   Anything that 
doesn't fit into my CD travel case, which holds standard sized jewel 
cases, is difficult to bring to the station.   Jewel cases also provide 
a spine that is large enough to see the CD artist and title when I'm 
trying to find something stored with hundreds of other CDs.   Any other 
packaging style is likely to receive less airplay than something in a 
jewel case.   The most important items to include on the artwork include:

A numbered track listing that shows the running time of each track.
A clear indication of the release's artist.
A clear indication of the release's title.
Contact information.
Want to maximize your CD's airplay?   A few more tips you might want to 
follow are at:

Long tracks are not easy to excerpt unless you subdivide them into more 
than one index number.  A CD that has one 50 minute track is not going 
to get as much airplay as multiple tracks that total 50 minutes.  The 
tracks can run together with continuous sound but now DJs have *easy* 
access to more than just the beginning of the piece.

All submissions are always greatly appreciated.   But please do yourself 
a favor and study the various sections of all my radio web sites first, 
then decide if your music really fits in with the show's format.

I play prog on two shows, eclectic mix on two shows, and EM on two 
shows, spread across three shows on two radio stations in the Lehigh 
Valley.  Please be sure to specify in the package you send which show(s) 
where you want to target your music.  Your support is most appreciated.


Bill - http://soundscapes.us/bill
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