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RE: LOOPERLATIVE demo schedule and NAMM loopers update

Rick I just realized that I had told Barry Phillips he can borrow my PA and
mics on Sunday. Do you have any SM58's or other mics I could borrow to lend
to him for a celtic music concert, maybe your akg's?

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From: loop.pool [mailto:looppool@cruzio.com]
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 5:01 AM
Subject: LOOPERLATIVE demo schedule and NAMM loopers update

I'll be demoing the LOOPERLATIVE at booth 1857 in HALL E
at the NAMM show this coming weekend.

My performance times will be at
1,3,5  on Friday
2,3,5 on Saturday   (note time change to accomodate the 12 Noon Loopers
Luncheon on Saturday at the Marriot---Cafe Del Sol on ground floor)
1,3  on Sunday

UK bassist, Steve Lawson will also be demoing the LOOPERLATIVE at the 
Check there to find out his performance times which
are not set yet.

My brother Bill Walker will also be performing with me at the LOOPERLATIVE
booth as well.



Also,   a very talented live looper and also a very innovative and
influential East Coast beat boxer,  Terry Lewis,  aka KID LUCKY
will be performing at the SAMSON booth (and may stop buy to join me at one
of the LOOPERLATIVE demos).

Those of you who aren't familiar with Kid Lucky should check out

I had the great privilige of performing on the same bill with Kid Lucky (as
well as Kid Beyond,  our other famous looping beatboxer
of Ableton Live fame) at the CD release performance of my all vocal CD,
Faux Voix a couple of years back.

He's just fantastic and has a very innovative manipulation of not only his
own beatboxing but also triggered video imagery as well.
Check him out and be prepared to be amazed.

BOSS and ELECTRO HARMONIX are also slated to show new live looping products
at NAMM this year.
It's going to be an excellent year for hardware and software live looping
gear this year.