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Re: [LOOP] Slimming down the digests

Hey -- watch it buddy!  I vaguely resemble this email!!!  ;)

At 9:39 PM -0700 1/17/06, Kris Hartung wrote:
>I say we all revert back to DOS and 8080/8086 machines, where the 
>format of our boring text emails is at least complementary to our 

Well, FWIW some of my fondest Internet experiences involve telnetting 
into the text-only interfaces of Mindvox and The Well.  This is when 
a 2400 baud modem was speedy.  And, the most ironic thing is that 
through a vt100 term, 2400 baud *is* pretty speedy.  Go figure.

>Better yet, let's become real men and women and get servers in our 
>homes with UNIX on them,

I'm sitting here on a Powerbook running OSX.  This *is* a Unix server.

I've also got an Ultra 5 and a couple of Fujitsu clones running 
Solaris out in the dining room, if that's what you mean.  Oh, and a 
coupla Caldera and Red Hat boxes in storage.  Um, and a old DEC Alpha 
around here somewhere (unfortunately, no OSF1 however; Red Hat 
again), and BeOS should probably count too...

>where we write all our emails in ELMS or edit them in VI.

No problems with elm -- or pine for that matter -- but pico is easier 
to work with than vi for straight text editing...

>Whoops, sorry....I forgot to use caveman language. I hope the size 
>of this message doesn't offend anyone.... :)

You speak caveman, me speak g33k.  :)


"No more building up; it is time to dissolve..."