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RE: Random Tone/Texture Generators

Ableton Live has a cool random midi plugin. I don't know about audio 

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Subject: Re: Random Tone/Texture Generators

On 19 jan 2006, at 06.22, Kris Hartung wrote:

> Anyone know of a free standalone or VST plugin that is a random tone 
> or texture generator? It could be as hip as Sun Ra, but simpler than 
> that. Even if the program generated random single note lines with a 
> half-way appealing tone, I'd be happy.

Pluggo has "The Light Organ" for random visual texture. As most cool
Pluggo's it's signed jhno ;-)  Another Pluggo, that generates random audio
texture, is "Feedback Network". There are also lots granular Pluggos that
will mash up the input audio in a way that gives a random impression 
"Granular To Go", "Speed Shifter", "Rye").

Another cool technique with Möbius (that I'm just exploring for surround
multimedia) is to create a bunch of empty loop on parallel tracks. Then you
mark them all as Select Focus, so any looping action will affect all loops.
Make sure no loops are the same length and start to Subst Insert snippets
into them. Inserted audio snippets will loop back in different rhythm
because the loops are not of equal length. Set "Expert Mode" and Alt
Feedback to 70%. As you play along, instantly inserting new snippets, a
texture will grow around you. Use the "Maximum Undo" in the Preset window 
control how dense you want the texture to be (I use "5" as a starting
point). As you play you can adjust the Alt Feedback level to control how
grainy or smooth the texture will be. Jumping between octaves and reversing
can make it even more exciting; you may need to set up some buttons or
pedals to target each loop/track individually for Speed and Reverse.

> I want to collaborate with a machine. Damn humans are annoying. ;)

Borgs will enjoy your human touch as truly experimental ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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