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DigiTech JamMan Software

I purchased a JamMan a month ago and am having a great time with it, but it
is hard to manage the loops and keep track of where things are.  So, given
that I write software for a living, I've written an app to manage it 
a PC.  The app has tremendously enhanced the value of the JamMan and I 
others would appreciate it too.

I've got a number of features built-in, such as drag-and-drop between the
loop library and the device, custom naming of loops (not just "Loop1,"
"Loop2," etc.), customization of all loop parameters from on-screen
(including Tempo in beats-per-minute), creation and updating of the 
and loop.wav files, etc.  It works with multiple cards and just makes 
so much easier.  If you're looking to set things up for a performance,
having a printed sheet cross-referencing loops and titles is great, as well
as being able to swap out libraries at will.

I'm really interested in what other features you would want to see in it.
I'm going to have a version out for review in the next few weeks.

Steve Mark