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RE: DigiTech JamMan Software

There's no sync on the JamMan, and the USB connection purely works for
making the device appear as an external drive.


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I was thinking midi (rhythmic) syncing with a computer sequencer.
Probably not what the USB interface is designed for, but I'm curious.

On 1/19/06, Steve Mark <steve@otms.com> wrote:
> The software I'm writing can auto-detect a JamMan connection.  One of 
> the features I'm considering is adding "playlist"-type functionality 
> offline setup) and sync'ing.  Currently the software, in real-time, 
> updates the JamMan using drag-and-drop from a library folder.
> Is that what you are thinking of and would sync'ing, either manually 
> or automatic, be useful?
> Steve Mark
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