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Re: New Music & A Sneak Peek @ Freewheeling 0.5.1

At 9:25 AM +0100 1/20/06, Per Boysen wrote:
>On 20 jan 2006, at 06.33, mark sottilaro wrote:
>Yeah, I'd sure be up for an OSX v.
>I know Intel equipped machines, usually managed with Windows, are 
>fine for Linux,

Well, it's been a few years since I've done a Linux install on an 
Intel laptop, but I can say that that is its own special little 
circle of hell.  Or, it used to be anyway.  For desktops, installs 
have been pretty seamless since about 2001.

>but can't Apple machines too run Linux?  Maybe even better with the 
>upcoming Apple line that use Intel CPU and board?

Yeah, there's a version of Linux for PowerPc.  However, since the 
Mach kernel is underlying OSX to begin with, it's usually not too 
hard to port.  Much easier than doing a version to Windows, for 
instance.  In this case, though, it looks like Freewheeling has a lot 
of dependencies on other libraries (ALSA, Jack, etc.) which may or 
may not have been previously ported, and that alone may complicate 

Of course, the above is spoken from the viewpoint of a network and 
server admin, so YMMV.  Some coder may swoop in in a minute and tell 
me I'm full of beans.  ;)


" I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of 
murder... later"