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RE: Random Tone/Texture Generators

Title: RE: Random Tone/Texture Generators

>>Sadly KoanPro has not been actively developed for over five years
now but it's definitely still worth checking out. It's a very deep
programme. And it is most definitely interactive - at least it can
react in a greater or lesser degree to midi input. But it has one major
weakness: no midi clock sync.<<

I was describing koan to someone just the other day.... I used to play with it a lot, though I found it almost frustratingly overwhelming in the possibilities it offered for setting rules & so forth. my copy said it had midi clock in/out, but it was greyed-out, like it was a demo version or something. this wasn't a demo copy though- I remember becoming a registered user. shame. you need a geet big screen too.

I'd finally get the thing doing something I recognised as musical (whatever that means), & then set it back to the start with the intention of letting it rerun the piece into a recorder... it would always set off in a completely different direction. you had to record everything it did & splice it together afterwards.

it was like being taken on a field-trip through some fantastic country by a five-year-old savant, when I guess what I wanted was an intellectual equal who'd do what I told them to.

so I started a band instead.... :-)