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Re: Call for Participation

Per Boysen wrote:

> On 19 jan 2006, at 06.25, Bill Fox wrote:
>> For more information visit the event's web site.
>> <http://event.electro-music.com>
> This looks very cool! But why don't they pay performers and speakers?  
> If they did that they might be able to pull off a better program. How  
> are they going to sell people tickets to "go and see amateurs that  
> love what they do so much that they do it for free and as a result  
> force themselves into keeping another job that in fact prevents them  
> from becoming really good"?

Last year's inaugural event was attended not only by people across the 
USA but by people from the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and 
Germany.  It was a very successful event that presented Amy X. Neuburg 
(USA), Wave World (NL), Mark Jenkins (UK), and a host of other top 
quality acts.  How much better can it get?  All paid to 
play/present/demonstrate because everyone attends electro-music as a 
participant of the community.

Perhaps I'm biased because my friends and Xeroid Entity band mates 
(Howard and Greg) organized the event or because I was PA and Recording 
Coordinator.  Do not believe me.  But do visit 
<http://event.electro-music.com/event.php?t=9583> and read what the 
participants felt about the whole event.  Pictures are at 

I encourage you to join the electro-music forum 
<http://electro-music.com/forum> and be welcomed by our family of 
electro musicians.  I'd really like to see some loopers attend.  A 
demonstration of Mobius looping software would be outstanding!  (Hint, 
hint!!)  There will also be a need for people to make audio and video 
recordings of the event and to run the sound systems.  Last year, all PA 
and recording equipment used was loaned by participants.  When the beer 
arrived, participants pitched in to lug the very heavy kegs into the 
building and set them up so that the "beer wenches" wouldn't have to do 
it themselves.  It's a real community effort.



P.S. Check out Greg's stylish attire!