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RE: Boss RC-50

skinny girlish long haired dude with an accent?

hazard factor <artists@hazardfactor.com> wrote:
Anyone know who the demo-guy was? Lat time I saw a Roland demo-guy with the
looper, he was playing the solo to Eurpoe's 'The Final Countdown' over the
midi'd backing track stored in the looper...yay.
Again, this calls for all those interested in something like the RC-50 to
flood Roland with requests for an update. I do the same with Line6- the DL4
I use would double its usefulness if it had feedback control.

Dave Eichenberger

> Sorta blows my mind that very few of the new mass-market
> loopers have feedback control. The Boss demo-guy not even
> knowing what it was seems to reinforce the fact that this
> (IMO) fundamental feature is getting ignored.
> Hello static wall of sound!
> Dig

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