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Re: Boss RC-50

Regarding the advice from the Roland at NAMM about it being available in 
March, its already on sale in Europe.  You can have it now for only $499 
Euros plus shipping  . - CW


x>> At 09:38 AM 1/21/2006, a k butler wrote:
>>>> Looks like the Boss RC 50 is now "live" on the Boss US Web site . . .
>> They are demoing it in the Roland booth at NAMM. It looks pretty cool. 
>> I'll have more to say later when I've got more time. The guy 
>> demonstrating said his unit was still a prototype, but I think it is 
>> to ship very soon. (I think he said march.) He also didn't know what 
>> feedback was when I asked him. It does have Fade functions buried in a 
>> menu, but he didn't know how to use them....
>> good show for looping: Looperlative, Electro-Harmonix Multi-track 
>> (4 track), Boss RC-50, Digitech JamMan, Guitar Rig looper, Zoom G2 etc. 
>> didn't see Electrix yesterday, but I'll look today. They are not in the 
>> show directory.
>> kim