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Re: Anybody @ Namm? Please check the Electrix booth

At 03:39 PM 1/20/2006, mrweasel wrote:
>Can anybody check the Electrix booth if they are at the Namm show?
>Just to see what the story is.
>They are "Supposedly at Booth 5910 in Hall B under the eBlitz Audio Labs

I went to that booth today. That is the Body Glov both. There were video 
screens showing surfers. Attractive yet vacuous looking models were 
standing around pointlessly, ignoring everybody. There were some clothing 
racks. Initially I was really mystified why Body Glov would even be at 
NAMM, until I noticed they make instrument cases. I guess for when you 
your guitar surfing. There was nothing remotely electronic in the booth. 
That makes sense, because those models are not cheap! You wouldn't want to 
risk one of them injuring themselves with electricity, or by trying to 
answer some looper's geeky questions.

I thought you must be playing some strange joke on me by sending me there, 
or perhaps trying to improve my social life. (it didn't work.)

But I checked the show directory, and sure enough that was eBlitz Audio 
Labs. Their brands are listed as "Body Glov, FXpansion, Electrix".

I asked the one intelligent looking person in the booth if she knew 
anything about Electrix, and she did not. Whoever was in charge was not 
around, and I never did find that person when I went by again.

>It would be great to have some news about the future of the repeater, even
>though I'm starting to have doubts about Electrix' resurrection

This news should really clear things up then.

Speaking of surf, as I was leaving the show Friday night the Ventures 
started playing on a stage just outside. Wow, that ruled! They were so 
tight and sounded just amazing. And they were clearly having a great time 
playing. a real treat.


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