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Re: EDP and StylusRMX

I don't have Sonar around here, but look for some "sync" or "slave"  
button to activate in Sonar. You have to tell Sonar that it is  
supposed to listen for an incoming MIDI Clock and hook up to the  
tempo and start playback.


On 22 jan 2006, at 09.26, hazard factor wrote:

>  Oh, wow...you know in the 10 years I have had the EDP, I had never  
> tried
> this...can ya believe it? I am now figuring out how the EDP sends the
> StartSong message as soon as the loop is closed- Stylus is starting  
> like it
> is supposed to, within Sonar. However...and maybe I don't quite  
> have this
> yet....the master tempo in Sonar isn't changing. So the EDP is  
> sending a
> StartSong message, the rhythm starts, but at whatever tempo is  
> previously
> set to the default in Sonar, not any new tempo. Does StartSong  
> contain tempo
> info, or does it just, um, start the sequencer?
> Dave Eichenberger
> http://www.hazardfactor.com
>> You should really try doing it the other way around: Playing
>> the EDP and sync RMX to the EDP MIDI Clock. I guess you would
>> not want to go back if you tried it ;-)  Also, by using MIDI
>> sequences you limit the RMX quite a lot. Try to run it in
>> MIDI Mode "Groove" (instead of
>> "Slice") and map some MIDI faders, pedals or whatever to
>> critical RMX function. That way you can "play" it in realtime
>> as you loop with the EDP.