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RE: Anybody @ Namm? Please check the Electrix booth

I just spent Saturday at the NAMM show, and my brother Rick and Bob Amstadt
were gracious enough, to let me sit in on Rick's demo for Looperalative. I
gotta say, I haven't been this excited about a new loop tool in a long 
I think Bob is definitely on to something, and I was impressed with the
sound quality, and growing list of features. Even in the din of NAMM, I was
able to get a feel for its operation and sonic integrity.
I did not make it to Roland, but I did go to see "Electrix" , and man is 
new Repeater cool!!!!!!!!!! Wow everything I had hoped my RPTR would be and
Like Kim, I was met by some very knowledgeable representatives from the 
Glove company, and let me tell you, the brunette, who was easily 6'5" in
platforms was really,  really  helpful.....
 I also went by Electro Harmonix to see their new looper, under glass, and
get an update on their current battle to keep their tube factory out of the
hands of a corrupt Russian business conglomerate. Its going well with many
big companies like Fender, and politicians getting in to the fray. Say a
prayer you tube freaks.
 It was nice to meet a few of you at the loopers lunch, (we missed you Ted)
and I got to see an old friend, Lyle Workman, who I may have mentioned
before, is currently breathing the rarified air as Sting's other guitarist,
(along with Dominic Miller). Lyle Is a great guitar player and even nicer
NAMM was fun, and I'm excited that the Looperlative is giving hope to us
died in the wool hardware loopers, who would like to see the technology
progress and integrate the open ended qualities of software, without 
on a lap top for operation. I'm also excited that Roland is unveiling the
RC50, which may become a real item for those wanting a fairly conventional
looper in a rugged floor box.


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Oh dear...  I can tell this is going to be one of those "new toys" kind of

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On the subject of NAMM, there are some great pictures here


including nice big ones of the new EHX looper


and EHX HOG:


(and lots of other stuff, but those were the two that I thought would
interest folk here the most)

On 1/20/06, mrweasel <mrweasel@eircom.net> wrote:
> Hi
> Can anybody check the Electrix booth if they are at the Namm show?
> Just to see what the story is.
> They are "Supposedly at Booth 5910 in Hall B under the eBlitz Audio Labs
> umbrella"
> Cheers
> It would be great to have some news about the future of the repeater, 
> though I'm starting to have doubts about Electrix' resurrection