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--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> Yes, that may be correct if the gig is announced as
> "loopfest" or whatever in that vein. But there is
also another
> way:  if you actively seek out just any audience out
there to
> confront them with your music without much "arty

I totally agree.  I know Rick Walker will argue this
to his grave, but I find that promoting a gig as a
"looping" gig is the worst thing one can do.  Lucky
for me I really dig a lot of the beats happening in
modern dance music and that let's me often slip
unnoticed into ravesque gigs and art functions.  When
I was busy in the live music world it never even
occured to me to use the word looper... ever.  Even
though most of what I was doing ended up in some sort
of looper.  "AmbientElectroBlinkyBlipHop" makes a lot
more sense than "looper." (to me) No one cares...
except you guys... and that's great.  I still think
loopfests are viable great things that should happen
forever.  I wouldn't count on them ever bringing you
before a bigger audience though.

> > > The banner of
> > > looping will soon likely no longer be carried,
> > > practiced and promoted by an elite and funky
> > > cadre of amature-to-semi-pro avant-gardists and
> > > musical non-conformists.

Praise be! As much as I love the "avant guard" (though
I'd argue that there is no such thing) "prog rock"
world, I hate it's pretence.  It's funny, I've been to
enough loopfests to see that a lot of decent music
seems to be ignored and the "out" stuff seems to be
favored.  I kind of like both for different reasons...
someone once covered a Todd Rundgren song and I
wondered why... but then it occurred to me that it was
because that's what he wanted to play and this was a
fest about a musical tool, not a musical genre.  But I
went to loopfests to see progressive new music...
probably because the people that made me awear of
looping were Robert Fripp and Brian Eno... ah those
were good times... but to say that prog rock and
ambient music is the music of looping is silly and
selfish.  LOOPING TO THE PEOPLE I SAY!  I'm sure like
anything else 90% of it will be pure crap, 8% will be
pretty good and 2% will be amazing.  That's just how
the world is.


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