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Re: Looperlative demo online...

my question is...

  is it midi addressable in the way that the repeater is? ( not that  
it HAS to be, i'm just curious...)

  can i use a keyboard or faders to manipulate/trigger loops once  
they are recorded?

does it have a system for storing loops?

does it respond to sysex?

has anyone done any serious midi clocking with it? does it respond to  

is the half speed/double speed software based or clock based?

sorry if these have been covered. i guess like many people, i'm  
interested in where the overlaps with EDP/repeater begin and end.

On Jan 24, 2006, at 10:35 PM, Steve Lawson wrote:

> Sunday morning at NAMM I filmed a looperlative demo for  
> SonicState.com - http://www.sonicstate.com/news/shownews.cfm? 
> newsid=2648
> first half is me playing and talking about the box, second half is  
> the inventor Bob Amstadt describing what it does.
> Much fun. :o)
> Steve
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ric hordinski