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Re:Robert Fripp's Playing Style/Technique

     In response to Simon, 

<<His posture seems very special, what's the trick behind his left hand 
and right hand, especially
his picking and thumb thing.>>

     His posture is designed to "bring the guitar to the body, not the 
body to the guitar".  The
right hand technique is something he's refined over several decades to 
allow for minimum effort
and maximum accuracy.

<< And why does he always use triangular picks?>>

     The triangular pick, especially considering the quality of the 
materials, makes sloppy
playing even more evident.  It also rewards clean playing.

<< And isn't the New Standard Tuning uncomfortable when playing scales?>>

     It's just as uncomfortable as playing scales on the cello, (similar 
string length and
tuning).  If you want comfort, stick with regular guitar tuning.  And 
regular guitar picks for
that matter.  And get a good paying day job while you're at it.

<<Sorry for those questions, but I find his playing fascinating and want 
to learn about it.>>

     As Eric mentioned, enroll in a Guitar Craft course. :)


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