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Re: Looperlative demo online...

Several things:

0. Bob is not running a for-profit business but a hobby business. 
It's not expected to do much more than break even.

1. Bob did the research part for free because he likes the material.

2. It's often easier to be a one-man organization as you can jettison
all the "having to communicate with other employees" baggage and just
work.  The amount of time I spend listening or talking to other people
as opposed to writing programs is just staggering.

3. If Bob makes them himself on a "limited production" scale at a
higher price point then he can actually make money on them.

I have high hopes for this unit.  The only reason I wouldn't see him
selling many hundreds of units over a few years is that people might
just decide to go for a computer and be done with it (and get all the
other stuff too).  But if this works as advertised, it'll beat a
computer hollow for this one specific purpose...

On 1/26/06, Luis Angulo <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am curious, if Electrix and Gibson had problems
> supporting this devices for financial reasons how is
> Bob financing all of this being a one man company???
> --- Sean Echevarria <sean.loop@creepingfog.com> wrote:
> > At 2006.01.25 11:18 AM, paulrichard10@adelphia.net
> > wrote:
> > >Well, people are always whining about Electrix.
> > Guess they didn't sell
> > >enough product to make a go of it.
> > >
> > >A company needs to move product to stay in business
> > and continue to
> > >"upgrade the product and add add'l functionality"
> > via the ethernet
> > >connector on the unit.
> >
> > Bob doesn't appear to be looking at it like big
> > business.  Here's a quote
> > from him in the looperlative forum:
> > "I have not quit my day job. I don't need any income
> > from this company to
> > live on, but I would at least like it to earn enough
> > to cover all the
> > expenses that went in to developing the product."
> >
> >
> > >Heck, a grand for an EDP is expensive. How may
> > people are going to pop for
> > >$1500?
> >
> > Probably enough to keep Bob's attention.
> >
> >
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