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Re: Re Looperlative demo online

yea thats true...the e-bow works on any strings,but...ive found there are sweet spots on every instument i play with and i tend to play around these areas.and to me any bass with more than four on the floor is multi-stringed.i was thinking a big ass neck with about 10 strings from a low b to high strings i could chord six deep and manipulate like a chapman stick.you have inspired me to wonder about such things sir,thank you,

Steve Lawson <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk> wrote:
>>>good work. a multi stringed bass seems to be very versitile for
soundscapes.can you only get e-bow action on a few strings.i can oly
get the b's to ring upon command on my 12 strings,well 11 strings to
be exact(no high g).nice stuff.

Thanks - the Ebow will work on any string, it just takes practice...

The term 'multi-stringed bass' has always confused me - surely any
bass with more than one string is a 'multi stringed bass'?

cheers! :o)

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